Paul Phelps

EPISODE 14 Feb 16, 2015
Eye Surgery + Curing Blindness
with Paul Phelps | Charity of the week: The American Red Cross

"I listen to why a patient has come to me for advice and treatment. With my patient's history in mind, I work to find a solution to their problem. After careful consideration, and a diagnosis or plans for future testing or treatment in mind, I work with my patients to determine what will best suit their needs. I always keep my goal of maximizing quality of life at the forefront of discussions with my patients. "

Just to mix it up, I had one of my best friends since 8th grade on the show to talk about being an eye surgeon. This turned out to be a really great episode. Paul gives me an eye exam, explains what one has to go through to become a surgeon, and talks about curing blindness. We end the show with some fun hospital stories that are possibly teasing a follow up episode. Enjoy!

3:25 Broken feet
9:25 27th grade
11:50 Fruit flies
14:20 Virtual Perception
17:20 Lazy Eye
18:30 Dr. Mauss
20:25 Shane is blind
22:50 I see blind people
26:30 Lasik
31:25 Hallucinating blind people
36:00 India
40:10 Cyborg eyes
45:05 Faking blindness
49:40 Reconstructive surgery
53:50 Childhood dreams
57:20 Perks of the job
1:00:35 Pick-up line
1:04:30 More storytime

Here is my old joke inspired by Paul that we referenced: