Adam Waytz

EPISODE 17 Mar 9, 2015
Out-Groups + Lesser Minds
with Adam Waytz | Charity of the week: Cure Violence

Adam Waytz is a psychologist at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management who studies how people think about minds. He looks at when we attribute or deny mental states to other entities, and the moral and ethical implications of these processes.

Adam Waytz joins me for a marvelous conversation about how we think about other people’s minds. We talk about how we think about out-groups, other’s creativity, bartering with sacredness, and humanizing robots. Absolutely fascinating!

6:25 lesser minds
10:40 eureka bias
15:35 respect for creativity
17:50 In-group love/ out-group hate
28:00 Taking and giving perspective
34:50 Out-group sampling bias
36:55 Bartering with sacredness
45:00 how do things become sacred
56:40 humanizing robots