Robbie Wilson

EPISODE 21 Apr 6, 2015
Fitness + Handicap Principle
with Robbie Wilson | Charity of the week: The Deb Bailey Foundation

Dr Robbie Wilson is an Associate Professor at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. This week we talk about fitness and the handicap principle.

My new Australian mate Robbie Wilson joins me during his trip to LA. We talk about how species signal their fitness to each other, what tennis players can tell us about how animals optimize their movements, and how Australia has both the cutest and deadliest creatures in the world.
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:00 Amazing news!!!!
7:50 Handicap principle
18:15 Dog talk
21:05 Ken and Barbie crabs
24:20 Sexy Son
26:00 Ladies love foot holes
29:50 Modern fitness displays
32:20 Faking signals
43:40 mimicry
46:10 screwing to death
53:20 Life history
57:10 Optimizing locomotion