Todd & Viviana Weekes-Shackelford

EPISODE 22 Apr 14, 2015
Parenting + Female Orgasm
with Todd & Viviana Weekes-Shackelford | Charity of the week: The Life You Can Save

Todd K. Shackelford received his Ph.D. in Evolutionary Psychology in 1997 from The University of Texas at Austin, his MA in Psychology from The University of Michigan in 1995, and his BA in Psychology from The University of New Mexico in 1993.

Todd Shackelford joins me for a second time on the program and this time he brings his wife Viviana Weekes-Shackelford on the show. We talk about the evolutionary mechanisms driving some parent/child conflicts and dive into some exceptionally dark, interesting, and important parenting topics. And on a lighter note, once again we discuss the great mystery of the allusive female orgasm.

:00 Falling In Love Over and With Sperm
4:10 Parents Don’t Matter
7:00 Smells like Teen Developmental Psychology
9:45 Parent/Children Conflict
11:45 Mother and Father Sexual Psychology
19:10 Stepparents
32:35 Religiosity in Upbringing
47:10 Female Orgasm
56:40 State Of The Semen Analyses