Bas Rokers

EPISODE 23 Apr 20, 2015
Perception + Reality
with Bas Rokers | Charity of the week:

Accurate perception of visual motion is critical for survival. In humans, motion perception relies in large part on binocular combination of signals from the two eyes. But which signals, and how are they combined? Dr. Rokers and his lab aim to increase our understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying motion and depth perception using behavioral experiments (psychophysics), neuro-imaging (fMRI), and computational modeling. His recent findings suggest that 3D motion perception is based on two distinct signals, binocular disparity and monocular motion. He aims to understand how these signals are processed and how they are combined so we can successfully interact with our dynamic three-dimensional world.

How do we see the things we see? How close is our visual perception to reality? This week, Bas Rokers helps us explore some of the fundamentals of our visual system. We talk a lot about color perception before getting into his work on 3D motion perception. This episode will have you seeing how you see light in a whole new light.