Ori Amir

EPISODE 3 Nov 30, 2014
Brain Scan + Joke Writing
with Ori Amir | Charity of the week: Michael J Fox foundation

I got my brain scanned! In this episode I sit down with Ori Amir from USC to talk about scanning my brain while I thought of jokes. We also talk comedy philosophy, why neuroscience is hard, sword fighting, how MRIs work and plot world domination using joke-telling robots.

Here is a picture of Shane's brain thinking up comedy gold:

Federico da Montefeltro who had his nose altered for sword fighting:

Table of Contents
8:45 Sword fighting
15:00 Neuroscience is Hard
21:35 Why We Laugh
28:35 Stand–up vs Improv
33:55 MRI Joke Creation
56:55 Contrary to popular opinion, I have a healthy brain
58:25 How fMRIs work
1:02:15 The future of humor science
1:13:05 Parkinson’s
1:17:15 Comedy propaganda