Todd K. Shackelford, Ph.D.

EPISODE 9 Jan 4, 2015
Sperm Competition
with Todd K. Shackelford, Ph.D. | Charity of the week: Richard Dawkins Foundation

Todd K. Shackelford received his Ph.D. in Evolutionary Psychology in 1997 from The University of Texas at Austin, his MA in Psychology from The University of Michigan in 1995, and his BA in Psychology from The University of New Mexico in 1993.

Anyone who thinks that science can’t be fun has never heard of sperm competition.  This week I talk all about it with Todd Shackelford at Oakland University.  We also chat about adaptations, exadaptations, sperm recipes, religion, and our favorite insect penises.

4:00  life in a small town
9:55  adaptations and exadaptations
24:00  sperm competition
31:10  Duck, Duck, Penis
37:10  Cryptic female choice
40:40  What’s that in your sperm?
48:10  Cutting edge sperm research  
55:35  Existentialist sex