Martie G. Haselton

EPISODE 1 Nov 20, 2014
Gender + Attraction
with Martie G. Haselton | Charity of the week: ASPCA

Martie G. Haselton, Ph.D. is an interdisciplinary evolutionary scientist interested in how evolution has shaped the social mind. She is broadly interested in human intimate relationships and sexuality, their endocrine foundations, and their links to outcomes with broad social relevance, including health and well-being. This week we talk about attraction and how it differs between the genders.

As discussed on the episode, in this classic study, men and women of average attractiveness approached a stranger of the opposite sex. They told them they found them attractive and asked them if they would be interested in one of three things: a date, come back to the apartment, or have sex.

Here were the results:

Sex of Requestor Date Apartment Bed
Male 56% 6% 0%
Female 50% 69% 75%

Here is the graph that I mentioned I would post during the episode:

Link to full study: The Hatfield Study (PDF)

Table of Contents
0:00 Introduction
4:30 The Chicken or the egg
9:40 Introduction to the evolutionary psychology of gender differences
14:20 Guinea pig jailbreak
15:45 Early History of evolutionary explanations for gender differences and the ongoing controversy
18:20 Statical reliability of sex differences
29:00 Error Management in mating
33:30 Why a crippled Shane scares off women and children.
41:50 Ovulation's effect on desires
49:30 Mate rejection hypothesis
53:05 (Fertile) women be walking
57:10 Penis IQ
1:00:15 Scent of a (manly) man
1:07:40 Sexual regrets
1:15:25 Take home message